Monday, April 12, 2010

The Return of the REAL WBCN? I sure hope so...

A few weeks ago I noticed some friends of mine become fans of Free Form BCN on Facebook. My head perked right up when I saw that. Free Form BCN. The same people that did the original station are trying to get it back on the air the way it was before CBS bought them and pulled the corporate destruction act that took them off the air. They changed them from a "free form" station (which is a station that will play anything that you can think of, from every genre) to a station that played only modern rock, and that drove away all the music purists.

This is happening all the time and not just in radio. Corporate America wants to dumb everything down. They don't want you to use common sense, just do what they say and you'll be fine. Bullshit. America is already full of retards, why do we all have to made into drones like that? I will fight! Not me, Jack! Back off! It's the kids I feel bad for. They will never know the joys I knew in life because the corporate ass hats say what I experienced in radio won't make money. I don't think BCN had a problem making money. The only problem they had was being bought by a jack ass corporation like CBS. It killed them. Now the 104.1 signal is a shit station. They play shit. Pure, stinky, turgid shit. More commonly known as a "mix station".

Ya, they mix it. They mix shit and vomit and think we will like it. The little jack ass kids who don't know any better will like it. But what about my generation? We always get screwed because we aren't in that "demographic" they are trying to reach. They fuquetard who decided to pull the plug on BCN needs to be severely beaten before he is burned at the stake.

I moved to Vermont in 1986 when my son was 3 days old. The first most immediate thing I missed was WBCN. They were fun, smart, and educational. They were the starting point for Billy West, hwo now does what seems like every cartoon voice in Hollywood (Futurama and Ren and Stimpy are his most famous). Peter Wolf of the J. Geils band was a DJ there! I missed my station. I was aways glad to go back to Boston for a visit just to hear it again. I still miss it. Or I did until a few weeks ago.

WBCN, the one I knew and loved is back! They are on the internet now! They have live shows (meaning a real DJ is there to play actual vinyl records along with the CDs and other digital stuff,and give us cool info anout what we are listening to.) What moderately intelligent music fan wouldn't like a station like that? They play everything! And the best part of them being on the net is Facebook.

Facebook has replaced the old BCN listener line, and BCN is a very interactive station now! No longer do we dial them up and have to hang up over and over because we get a busy signal! No! You post your requests, you can interact with them and other fans who post, and it's been a blast!

But the numbers aren't where they should be. Only about 3000 people have become a fan, and they need a whole lot more if they are going to make the ultimate comeback, which is to return to the air as a full time station. If CBS gets the numbers they want, BCN is back!

The world needs BCN. I need it. You need it. We all need it! I am asking all my friends who read this and are on Facebook to check them out, the page is called Free Form BCN. There is a link there to the player, and awesome radio will stream into your computer or high definition radio, if you felt like plunking the 50 bucks down for one. Become a fan! Play it at work! It's always on, suing the automated format (who we call "Robby the Robot", and he sounds as good as it does when they are live 3 hours a day, 5 days a week. The only thing missing from Robby is live DJs, but the music is intact, and that's what it's all about.

I'm trying to get as many people as I can tuned in, and I need your help. Go to teh Facebook page and become a fan. If you remember how awesome WBCN was back in the day, youi owe it to yourself. Don't let corporations tell you what to listen to. That's all they do when they buy up stations and change them. You're way smarter than that, and BCN knows it. Let's get them back where they belong! You with me?

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  1. 'BCN was IT back in the day. Maxanne! She was the best damn DJ ever! Half my record collection was bought because of stuff I heard on her show, and much of that was stuff I heard no place else. Damn right I'll go to the page!