Monday, April 12, 2010

Figuring Technology Out, Part 2

So the other day, I posted a few of my songs to Facebook. It worked like a charm! It turns out that some people actually like them too. That made me feel good. I don't want to come off as a shameless self promoter. But how do you get your tunes listened to?

I've done well with music, without putting a lot of effort into it. I got a bunch of songs on a local radio show here where I live. Dartmouth College owns it. They're a well known station, and it was quite common to be out and about doing my daily doings, and someone would see me and say "I heard you on the radio the other night! That was cool!" It was always a good feeling. I want people to enjoy the only thing in life I can do well.

So I posted 5 or 6 songs. Two covers, four originals. One cover and one original are both instrumentals. I had personal messages asking for more! And here I was in my last post thinking no one would care. I beat myself up a lot like that. I don't want to force my music on people, especially when it's really not the greatest stuff ever recorded. I know i have a few hits though, or they could be hits. Maybe not too. What the hell do I know?

So I had to hook up my old computer to get these songs, because I had downloaded them a long time ago. I was originally going to try to put everything I had ever recorded on there, but I figured I'd start with the good ones I remembered. It became a burden after three weeks so I stopped and made plans to finish later, and of course, I never did. I have about 115 master tapes, so remembering every song I recorded is, and has inevitably proved to be, impossible. Every now and then I'll pull out a cassette and throw it on and hear something I have absolutely no memory of doing. It was a little disturbing the first couple of times it happened, but it's no big deal now. In fact, I enjoy the hell out of it. "This is ME? Whoa!"

So based upon my initial success at entertaining my friends, I hooked "MacGuyver" back up to download a couple more. Yes, it's name is MacGuyver, and yes, it's held together with a paper clip, and earring stud, a band-aid, some silly putty and some chewing gum. But this time, something in there decided to dump some operating files. I saved the best for last too, so they won't be getting posted any time too soon. I'm so sad! It was also a way for me to get those songs on this computer I use now without losing any memory, because the songs are stored on some big database so everyone on Facebook can listen to them too. Now I'm back to square one. I'll have to buy an analog to digital conversion program and hook up the 4 track and start over. But at least they'll be new mixes. And I can play around too, leave stuff out or add stuff. It's not gonna be for a while though.

So figuring out how to fix it is on my mind too. And I will. I have some stuff with real drums that is great, and they are on there, and I'd like to get them off there and onto here. (Did that make sense?)

I'm still using a 4 track, that should speak volumes about my technological retardation. I hope I can get them up soon, I'll keep working on it. But it could take a while. Oh well, that's life. I'll guess I still have all those stories to tell.

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