Thursday, April 8, 2010

Figuring technology out

So today I figured how to put my music on Facebook. I'm really dumb with computers. But I did it. And no one seems to care. But that's okay. No one ever cared. I'm not upset by this, it just means I suck. I knew that. I just don't suck as bad as everyone else.

I think it's the quality of the material. I'm using recordings from a 4 track, and it's quite obvious I don't have any connection to Abbey Road. I also use a drum machine. That's scary for some. For me, it's more like "What the hell do I care about drums? I'm a guitar player."

I have one of those emulator amplifiers where you flip a knob and you sound like you're playing through a Marshall stack, flip it again and now its a Fender Twin Reverb, etc, lots of sounds. Getting the sound onto tape has proven quite tricky. So I gave up and I use a guitar processor. I don't neccessarily use it right. I don't spell to well either, neccessarrily.

So I have my work cut out for me. I need to get tech savvy now! Gotta go!

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