Monday, September 6, 2010

The Return of Elof Nogg

I have been sitting on my ass for three years now between bands. That's not like me. I'm always active with my music in one way or another, whether it's just listening, or learning. In 2007, I pretty much led a band called Pendulum, and we focused on cover songs that other bands didn't do. It was a blast.

Most cover bands play the hits of the day, and they also play the same tried worn out songs we now call "classic rock". Songs like "Born To Be Wild". I've NEVER heard a band play that song right! There is a specific bass line that never gets used by most cover bands, and it makes the song sound pretty crappy when you don't use it. Add to the fact that 99.9989856113 % of all cover bands play this tired old dog. These people play in cover bands because they don't have any faith in their own creativity. Then they butcher the songs to make them "easier". Not many will take the time to rearrange the song or make a version of their own. It's strictly copying. That's pretty sad.

So. Here I sit. Three years since I played in a band. I began talking to Brian about the possiblity of doing a three piece power trio again, like the old days. He responded by going out and buying a set of electronic drums. They sound awesome! Now we have a problem. We will need more musicians. Brian suggested his son Brendon, who is a mighty talented young fellow. He is now in the band. So now I have a three piece power trio going again. But we thought early on how everything is changing in the selfish clusterfuck known as "The Music Business"

The music industry with it's corporate approach, has fucked up music completely. We get banal no talents like Britany Spears thrown at us, or some racist rap band singing about killing cops. I stopped listening to the radio a long time ago because they fucked up radio too. Instead of being able to hear what I want to hear all in one place, I have top scan the dial if I want to hear an oldy, find another station for a more modern rock song, or yet another station for another genre, and it bugs the shit out of me. Radio suck! Televison sucks! Take MTV. Its started out with so much promise, till the coporate ass hats got ahold of it. Now there's no music on it all. Pretty retarded, but all they give a shit about is their "bottom line". Quality takes a hit as we pander to the dumbed-down masses. Stupidity is at an all time high in America today. Television and radio are proof.

So we decided to do this as an internet band. We have fans all over the world now thanks to the internet, and using cyberspace is the best way to get to them. We even decided to call it Elof Nogg, and redesigned our own internal structure so that Brian, Dave Johnson (who isn't involved at this time) and myself as "Core members", and everyone else will be a member. Dave will always be our bass player when he wants to be, but how are we gonna get bass on these recordings?


It's multitrack recording. I will play bass. (Dave once told me he thought I was as good a bass player as Paul McCartney. Pretty high praise! I am good, but I'm not Dave, so it's gonna sound a little different. To be sure, it's actually gonna sound a LOT different! Gone are the days of me screaming into the mic and completely hoarse before the end of the first set. I sing in my low, natural register now. Brian will also be doing a good portion of the vocals, probably more that i will be doing, and Brendon will be adding his own voice. It's looking very good on paper, VERY very good. But what about the playing?

I am a far more advanced guitar player than I was in 1975. In those days, all the amps were on "10" and we played as loud as possible. Nowadays we have so much finesse, and we're a lot quieter, and far more musical than we were back then. There's so much promise here!

While we do plan to play live, it's on the back burner until we get our recording studio working completely. (Yes, we have one!) We plan on recording our versions of cool songs and posting them on our Facebook page. You can access that here:!/pages/Elof-Nogg/136940329658752?ref=ts

(You might have to copy and paste it, I don't know how to post links here yet.)

Elof Nogg is back. And better! So much better! But some people think it's a joke. I know one guy who still plays in a high school band (see above what I said about cover bands, this guy is in one of "those" kind of bands). He posted on my wall this morning "Get back in a band so you can promote". He's one of the people who hit "like" on the Elof Nogg page, so this post says it all about him thinking it's all joke. What he conveniently forgets and hates to admit is that I've already FORGOTTEN more about making music and promoting a band than he will ever know! It's this attitude we fight against. We are NOT a fake band, and if you think we are, I have three words for you. The first one is "Go", the last one is "yourself", and if you guessed the middle word as being "fuck", you get ten points! I'm not gonna let bands that play the same 4 clubs over and over ad infinitum for chump change bother me with what they think about my band. They obviously have their heads up their collective asses, but while I do love these guys, (they ARE COOL people), I've known this for years. Good luck to them, they have gone as far as they can go because they don't think creatively.

Elof Nogg is back, and it's definitely been worth the wait! We plan on a website, and we just started a blog here (THE NOGG BLOG, look it up soon, it's still empty right now because I just barely started before I typed this.)

I'm feeling good about our chances. We're pulling out all the stops for this. The recordings will tell all once we start doing them. I have a very good feeling about this. Once you hear it, you will too!

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